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Domain Name Cyber Squatting

Cyber Squatting


Cybersquatting occurs when the cybersquatter registers a domain name in bad faith in violation of the rights of a trademark owner.  A domain name infringement and trademark infringement attorney with our firm is an expert in obtaining or recovering domain names from cybersquatters through the application of the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA).

The ACPA protects trademark owners from Internet trademark infringement. To maintain legal action under the ACPA, the complaining party must show that the domain registrant had a bad faith intent to profit from the trademark owner’s trademark and that the registrant registered or used a domain name identical or confusingly similar to the trademark.

Whether a cybersquatter has registered a domain name containing your trademark or whether you are accused of being a cybersquatter, our domain name registration lawyers and cybersquatting attorneys are prepared to defend your rights, protect your trademark, and assist you with all your Internet Law, Internet Trademark Infringement Law, or Domain Name Law issues.