Internet Law Practice Areas

At the Rivera Law Group Internet Law practice, we have a vast amount of experience in Internet Law cases and litigation.  We are a pioneering Cyber Law firm that knows when to fight for our client and when to make the absolute best of an already difficult situation.  Sometimes, an Internet attorney has to be prepared to make recommendations to a client regarding the client’s legal situation.  As a result, we have won online defamation cases under circumstances that fellow attorneys thought were impossible.  We have obtained acquittals in cases involving complex allegations of computer crimes.  Similarly, we have obtained pioneering court decisions in cases involving unauthorized computer access (hacking) between family members.  We have also assisted clients in difficult cases of trademark infringement and domain name disputes.  Some of these would have been almost impossible to win at trial, but we settled with the opposing side without the need for our client to pay anything to the other side.

We have been criticized for our methods to uncovered the identity of anonymous creators of defamatory posts.  Sometimes we follow traditional legal approaches, such as subpoenas, but always craft methods based on our superior technical understanding of Internet technology.  We understand that it is easy to criticize things you don’s know enough about and that most attorneys are not trained as Computer Engineers.   However, that is our advantage and we have an obligation to use our skills to our client’s benefit.

Some of our practice areas include:

  • Internet defamation lawWe are one of the few law firms that can say that we have obtained both damages and injunctive relief during hotly litigated cases involving Internet defamationBecause of Free Speech considerations, injunctions are not ordinarily easy to obtain.  We have done it! We specialize in identifying the authors of anonymous Internet posts.  Even when the identity of the author is known, we assist our client in protecting their reputation within the confines of the law.  Sometimes, it takes an amicable settlement, sometimes it takes aggressive litigation.  It always takes skill and understanding of cutting edge technology and its application to our client’s case.  Owners of websites promoting defamatory content go through a lot of effort to disguise their identity, it takes both traditional and non-traditional methods to identify the individuals.  Continue to our Internet Defamation Practice Page.
  • Cybersecurity Law – This part of our practice includes legal risk, compliance, incident management, government regulations, and more.  With our unique cybersecurity experience, we can assist businesses with cybersecurity issues without the need to have the in-house technical people go through the Herculean effort of trying to train a lawyer in matters related to technology.
  • Internet Trademark Infringement – This type of infringement involves the use of trademark in a manner that is confusing in terms of designation of origin.  It could be based on the use of meta-tags, domain names, and other situations.  We have prevailed after hotly contested litigation and have secured orders on behalf of our clients forcing the opposing party to stop using our client’s trademarks online.  We have even won as a matter of law during the Summary Judgment stage.  We have also represented clients being bullied into handing over a domain name under false trademark infringement allegations.  Continue to our Internet Trademark Infringement Page.
  • Domain Names – Closely aligned with the Trademark Practice is the domain name practice.  We have assisted clients with many issues involving domain names.  Some of these have included the recovery of stolen domain names, stopping trademark infringement through unlawful domain name use, UDRP arbitration, and more.  Continue to our domain name page.
  • Computer Crimes – We have assisted clients in both the civil prosecution of conduct that falls within the computer crimes statutes and have also defended clients accused of computer crimes.  We have assisted our client in identifying individuals who have unlawfully accessed their computers or email accounts, whether the unauthorized access involved a network, gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, or any other email service, we have identified the attackers and assisted our clients in obtaining proper legal relief.  We also have a stellar record in cases involving computer crime defense.  In fact, we were the first law firm in the United States to obtain a jury “Not Guilty” verdict against the FBI and the DOJ in a case involving allegations of criminal conspiracy to commit copyright infringement.  Our client was alleged to be the leader of the world’s most prolific Internet piracy group.   Continue to our computer crime defense page.
  • Copyright Infringement – We represent clients in enforcing their copyrights against infringement on the Internet.  On the other hand, we also represent clients that are being attacked by copyright trolls.  Many copyright trolls are filing mass litigation on behalf of record companies, motion picture companies, and even pornographers.  We have assisted our clients in stopping this unlawful use of copyright litigation to extort money from individuals being accused of using bit torrent or other P2P software to download contents from the Internet.  Continue to our copyright infringement page.
  • Internet Website Audit – We frequently assist clients interested in our review of their site for compliance with legal obligations.  Internet law is a minefield of traps and there are simply too many trolls out there trying to make quick money out of Internet website owners.  We review an existing site or can assist you in making sure that a new site will be legally compliant before launch.  Due diligence during the initial stages of development can prevent substantial costs in the future.

No matter what area of Internet law, our law firm and its cyber attorneys have a demonstrated record of excellence and success when handling Internet law matters.  Sure, any attorney can call himself or herself an “Internet lawyer”, but we have the technical background and the court victories to back-up the name Internet Lawyer.

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By Dom Rivera