Internet Solicitation of Minor

Internet  Solicitation of a Minor

Internet solicitation of a minor is widely prosecuted Nationwide.  Our attorneys defend against charges of Internet solicitation of a minor in Virginia and Nationwide, when requested by our clients. State and local Police Departments have created departments dedicated to Internet solicitation of a minor.  Often is that case that a person will be in a chat room and someone claiming to be a minor will initiate engage in chat with an adult about sexual topics.  This “minor” is usually a Police Officer with the Internet child solicitation task force.

Many times the person chatting with this Police Officer posing as a “minor” never had the intention to actually meet the “minor.”  It is always important to ask whether the person actually went to meet the minor, the age representations that were made, and the methods used to collect and manipulate the evidence.

However, regardless of whether the meeting takes place, felony charges will most certainly be brought. At this point, an attorney with experience in defending these type of criminal accusations as well as in-depth technical knowledge of the Internet, can provide a competent defense against Internet solicitation of a minor charges.

Many well-reputed and experienced criminal defense lawyers may venture into this area of law just to find themselves overpowered and overwhelmed by a highly-trained, highly-experience prosecution team.  Our attorneys include a former computer engineer experiences in the IT side of the equation,  as well as aggressive criminal defense lawyers.  Contact us to see what we can do to defend your case.

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