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Hacking Unauthorized Access

Hacking and Unauthorized Access Lawyer

As an attorney experienced in hacking, computer trespass, and unauthorized access issues, we are prepared to defend your business’ websites from unlawful intrusions.  Whether the hacking or unauthorized access is a result of violations of your terms of use or due to actions by hackers in accessing sensitive data from the website without authorization, we understand hacking and unauthorized access legal issues.  Our attorneys can assist you in prosecuting hackers to the fullest extent of the law and in preventing further unauthorized  use of your computer network.  Our technical approach assures early detection and evidence preservation prior to alerting the culprit or initiating formal litigation.

Sometimes, out of curiosity, or in need of an “intellectual challenge,” an Internet website visitor may exceed or attempt to exceed the access authorized to them under their website login and provided password as well as the website’s terms of use. Even using commercially available scripts such as Grease monkey could cause you to face serious computer crime accusation of hacking and unauthorized access to a computer network.

If you are accused of hacking, computer trespass, or unauthorized access, you need the services of an Internet lawyer experienced in hacking and unauthorized access issues.  Whether the hacking or unauthorized access accusations come in the form of a cease and desist letter, a lawsuit, or criminal proceedings, our hacking and unauthorized access law attorneys can assist.

Similarly, if your business or your website is targeted by a hacker or a computer cracker, we can offer the unique knowledge and expert legal representation from a Computer Engineer, M.B.A., and Internet lawyer.  We have a deep understanding of computer forensics and the tools used by hackers and crackers to attack your business.  The attacks may be the result of the curiosity of a smart teenager…. or your competitors may be behind them.