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An Internet Law pioneer with a proven record, Domingo J. Rivera was the first attorney in the United States to win a complex jury trial involving Federal Copyright Infringement, music piracy criminal allegations. This was also the most important case of its type.  Our client was alleged to be the leader of the most prolific music piracy group in the world.  After five days of trial, the jury agreed with us and returned a Not Guilty verdict.

The National Trial LawyersAs an accomplished litigator, Domingo Rivera has been selected as one of the Top 100 trial lawyers.

Domingo Rivera Discusses the Legal and Cyber Security Aspects of the Target Breach With ABC News

Domingo J. Rivera practices Internet and technology law, particularly handling cases involving Intellectual Property, Internet Law, Cyber Defamation and Computer Crime Defense.  Attorney Domingo J. Rivera has advanced degrees in Engineering and Business Administration.  We can analyze your case from all the legal, technical, and business angles.  Our Internet attorneys and Internet legal professionals not only litigate the Internet… we also understand the technology and the business engine behind it!

Cybersecurity:  There is a meteoric rise in sophisticated computer attacks.  Businesses, individuals and the US Government are all targeted by sophisticated and well-funded attackers, some of which may be nation-states.  As a result, the US Government is implementing sweeping cybersecurity regulations.  These regulations will impact a business’ ability to compete.  In this article, we discuss some of these recent cybersecurity challenges. We have the legal knowledge and expertise to assist businesses in navigating the cyber insecure landscape.  Additionally, we have the following cybersecurity certifications.

Domingo Rivera Discusses the Legal and Cyber Security Aspects of Facebook Cloning with NBC12


Some of our cybersecurity and cyber forensics certifications:


In addition to these certifications, we have in-house experience defending some of the most critical networks in the world.  Rather than having to explain cybersecurity issues to a good attorney, we can provide great attorneys with hands-on experience that can provide relevant, timely, and competent cybersecurity legal advice.

 Attorney Domingo J. Rivera is recognized internationally as an attorney handling matters involving Internet Law – One of his appearances was with the BBC:

Click here to listen to a portion of Domingo J. Rivera’s interview with the BBC for an audience of over 183 million people.

Our Internet law firm and our cases have been featured and/or reported by The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Mount Vernon Daily, the Journal of Legal Medicine, Federal Computer Weekly, and others.  We also are the Internet Lawyer of choice for organizations dedicated to protecting professionals, including physicians and medical doctors, against frivolous complaints.

Some of Our Areas of Practice Include:

We can provide you with knowledge and assistance of Internet Law.  You may need the services of an Internet Lawyer because someone has infringed your copyright by copying contents of your website or by unauthorized posting of your Intellectual Property.  Perhaps your trademark is being infringed by the registrant of a domain name or the operator of a website.  Maybe the infringement is hidden in metatags, title tags, or anchor links…You may be the victim of Internet defamation or accused of a cyber crime.   Your business may need to prepare or respond to an Internet law cease and desist notice.

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Internet Copyright Infringement – Our Internet copyright Infringement attorneys can assist you if:

  • Your website contents are stolen
  • You received a copyright infringement cease and desist letter
  • You need a copyright infringement cease and desist letter sent
  • Your website is taken down as a result of a DMCA takedown request
  • You are be involved in copyright infringement litigation
  • You are arrested and accused of criminal violations of copyright laws, including conspiracy to commit copyright infringement

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Internet Trademark Infringement – As an Internet Law firm, we are experts in trademark infringement matters, and can assist you with matters involving:

  • Bad faith domain name registration in violation of trademark rights
  • Cybersquatting issues
  • Cyber piracy
  • Internet trademark infringement in website meta-tags
  • Internet trademark Infringement in search engine advertisement keywords
  • Internet trademark infringement litigation
  • Use of your trademark to defame your business commercially or to promote a competitor

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Internet Defamation – Our Internet defamation attorneys can provide expert assistance when:

  • Defamatory posts in and Internet blog or Internet forum damage your reputation or your business
  • Libel being spread through the use of the Internet affects you
  • Competitors attempt to gain an advantage by defaming you online
  • Defamatory statements on the Internet prevent you from advancing your career
  • Internet defamation litigation
  • False and libelous statements posted in online “ratings” websites
  • and more….

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Cyber Crime Defense and civil liability under the Computer Crimes Act – Our Internet crimes defense attorneys can protect your rights when you are a victim of or accused of:

  • An Internet crime
  • Computer hacking, computer cracking, or violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • Computer trespass
  • Criminal Internet copyright infringement
  • Access Device Fraud
  • Unsolicited email and SPAM
  • Identity Theft
  • Trafficking in passwords
  • Access Device Fraud
  • Civil liability resulting from the Internet crimes discussed above
  • and more…

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Other Internet Legal Issues:

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