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Domingo J. Rivera practices Internet and technology law, particularly handling cases involving Intellectual Property, Internet Law, Cyber Defamation and Computer Crime Defense. Attorney Domingo J. Rivera has advanced degrees in Engineering and Business Administration. We can analyze your case from all the legal, technical, and business angles. Our Internet attorneys and Internet legal professionals not only litigate the Internet… we also understand the technology and the business engine behind it! Attorney Domingo J. Rivera is recognized internationally as an attorney handling matters involving Internet Law – One of his appearances was with the BBC: Our Internet law firm and our cases have been featured and/or reported by The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Mount Vernon Daily, the Journal of Legal Medicine, Federal Computer Weekly, and others. We also are the Internet Lawyer of choice for organizations dedicated to protecting professionals, including physicians and medical doctors, against frivolous complaints.

With these cybersecurity certifications and experience in defending critical computer networks, you can count on Mr. Rivera to apply both legal and technical expertise to any technically complicated case. 

Whether the case may involve hacking (unauthorized access to computer systems), online defamation investigation, or legal compliance issues related cybersecurity policy, we can provide techno-legal expertise to any case related to technology.

Domingo J. Rivera earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering, M.S. in Information Technology (Virginia Tech), an MBA (Florida) with a specialty in Information Technology Management, and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence.  Domingo J. Rivera is also a registered Electrical Engineering E.I.T. in the State of Florida. Domingo Rivera has also achieved the degree of Ll.M. (Advanced Law Degree) from the University of Alabama School of Law.

The first attorney in the United States to obtain a major victory after a jury trial against the FBI and the DOJ in an case involving criminal copyright infringement allegations.  The client was accused of being the leader of the world's most prolific music piracy group.  The case began in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and was decided in the USDC for the Southern District of Texas.

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Domingo J. Rivera Is one of the few attorneys holding Information Security Certifications, including the prestigious CISSP, GCFE, GPEN, GCIH, GSLC, CEH.  Of those, is also one of the select few with vast experience defending highly sensitive computer networks for the United States Marine Corps under the purview of the United States Cyber Command. Some of our typical cases include obtaining Summary Judgment in Federal cases involving online defamation, trademark infringement, invasion of privacy.  Additionally, we obtained recent Summary Judgment involving online defamation and trademark infringement in the USDC for the Middle District of Florida. We have won cases involving Internet defamation in several State and Federal Court cases after hotly contested trials.Has obtained injunctions against Internet defamation.  Injunctive relief is generally hard to obtain in Internet defamation cases because of Free Speech implications.Regularly teaches CLEs to other attorneys on Internet law matters. Domingo Rivera has published scholarly articles in widely published legal publications regarding issues related to Internet law and Internet defamation.

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